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Re: intercooler hose/more boost

At 01:48 PM 4/8/97 UT, you wrote:
>Could you please enlighten me on:
>How much were the hoses from TAP? 

115.00 plus shipping - make sure you talk to Ivor and get the right hose.

>How much is the "stock bosch BBV and where did you purchase it?

Don't know - I swapped for it. I've heard 34.00.

>Where are you routing the BBv output to?

Metal inlet pipe. Brazing a 1" Balkamp fitting (7.00 from Napa Auto parts)

>What system do you have for boost control?

Custom spring from a listmember, custom chip from another (stock except
overboost shutdown moved to 1.95 bar). Aftermarket chipholder installed.

>How/what will you be doing soon to get "much more than 17 psi boost?

Negotiations complete for a used custom K26 turbo from a listmember who
plans on upgrading to an RS2 soon, an I'm gonna be testing some more custom
chips. Next step is a 2.5 bar pressure transducer to extend the stock chip's
>PS I have noticed you have called yourself a Nuclear Grade Tech
>What plant do you work at?

21 years Navy nuclear power plant supervisor/instructor. Currently teaching
basic electronics at the Nuclear field "A" school.  USS Enterprise (8
reactors), Idaho Falls A1W nuclear prototype, USS Abraham Lincoln (2
reactors). No degree, just "been there, done that..."
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