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Monkey Lads Strike Again

Alas another tale from a Dealership!

Yesterday I was trying to aquire the plastic injector shrouds for my 
88-80, at a dealership.  I called the man earlier that morning to
they had the parts I needed, since it was an hour drive one way!
He stated "I have everything you need"  So west I went!   

The parts man, Greg, stated he's been in the VW/Audiparts business for
12 years, drives an 86 Coupe Comm Ed, etc, etc...

Well the Lad, is lost back there in Parts land!  First he "did not"
have all the 
parts I asked him about on the phone.  Second he tried to sell my
un-needed parts for much $$$, Telling me "you need these parts to do 
the job right" sales pitch  Third, when I literally showed him on the 
fische reader the parts I needed, he stated "Audi doesnt make those

It was the small o-ring for the bottom end of the fuel injector.  So 
I showed him the "non-existent" part on my own Coupe outside!
Suprise, suprise they do exist!  He was taken back by my "modified
Coupe" and asked meakishly "Did you do the work yourself"?     

Then I proceeded to "humble" the man,by letting him know that not all 
idiots who approach his counter are idiots, and occasionally there are
a few of us who "know" what were talking about! Adding insult to
I showed him my business card, and received the parts at wholesale!

Greg and I have an "understanding" now, and although my dealer visits
are rare indeed, I feel, there may be hope for this guy.