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Re: Dynosaurus Rx

Phil Payne wrote:
> But not doing so also nullifies the comparison.  Running your V8 with
> its driveshafts out is just as invalid as doing the same thing with
> an ur-quattro.
> In any event - we're not looking for maximum dyno power, or we'd be
> playing with top fuel dragsters.  The key benefit of the quattro system
> is balance - a combination of technologies to achieve the best result.
> Horsepower is only part of that equation.  Handling, weight and
> aerodynamics also play their parts.
I understand what you are saying, however, Scott and I were debating
whether one could show an advantage of AWD over RWD/FWD on dry
pavement.  I say to do that on must have _one_ car that can be modified
to be all three.  If you cannot do that then there is no valid
comparison between them. 


Randall C. Markarian

1990 V8 Quattro
1996 Merc E320

Saint Louis, Missouri