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Problems on '88 5000cstq w 240k mi

Thanks to all that have helped with the high idle problem I've been having.
 After cleaning the ISV,  the problem almost went away.  I say almost
because occasionally it wil still linger at the 1700 rpm range and then
SLOWLY drop to 1500 then come on down to 800.  I will try cleaning it again
and if it keeps acting up replace it.

Now for todays questions:

1)  The left turn signal doesn't work.  It was would intermittently work
but now has stopped altogether. Is this probably a turn signal switch

2)  The car undergoes a severe shuddering when very slowly slowing down
while the car is still in gear.  (when the clutch is in, everything is
fine.)  The clutch on the car (original) still seems to be fine.  No
slipping during accelleration and it still works fine.

3)  Oxygen sensor needs replacing.  How much is the Audi sensor vs a bosch?
 How hard is it to wire up the bosch to make it work.

4)  Burnt out dash lights.  How difficult are these to replace?


Jeff Wolf