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Re: HALP! 86 Coupe Front end

>I'm pretty frustrated over a suspension/steering problem that has yet to 
>be solved despite some 
>pretty significant (read --> $$$) repairs.  Hope I can get some ideas from 
>the group. 
>The car is an 1986 Coupe GT with just under 85k on it, and I just can't 
>get the front end right. 
>I bought it in January--it handled & tracked great.  But soon, the LF 
>bearing started to go 
>(noise, vibration, etc.) and I had it replaced.  
>Pertinent facts: 
>1) After a week, the car started to produce  front end & steering wheel 
>vibration.  Gradually 
>became harder to control, lane changes became nightmarish (esp. over a 
>crown or rut in the 
>road).  These bad characteristics began to present themselves at all 
>times, not just during 
>braking or slowing. 
>5) There is still a vibration in the front end, slight but more pronounced 
>when braking.  The 
>car still wanders some, and there suddenly seems to be what feels like 
>excessive body roll in 
>turns, and it is producing more and more road noise.  Going into turns 
>feels like a tire is low 
>(not so) and is loading up very quickly. Conditoins are worsening, 
>apparently every day of 
>Any ideas?  Are there suspension/steering  quirks on the Coupe I'm not 
>going to cure with 
>standard shotgun-blast Repair/Replace techniques?   

Check the Strut gland nut, it can do what your describing if it's loose.


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO