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Re: quattro-digest V4 #584

Wendell Gurley
04/08/97 09:41 AM

I've been confused about leasing.  At the end of the lease, do you
have to buy the car (not a problem in this case : )?  Are you forced
to pay a penalty to the dealership if it's over mileage?  Any
peoples' experiences with an Audi lease would be interesting (note
the Audi content?).  It seems like this would be the way to go in
getting into an A41.8tq as I refuse to pay 5 or 600 a month for a

You don't have to purchase at the end of the lease. You can turn the car in
if you want or buy it for any term you then decide.  If the market value is
higher than the payoff, you can buy the car then sell it for a profit as
well.  As for mileage fees, you will generally have to pay them, but
everything is negotiable. The dealer may want to sell you another car, so
fees for mileage and condition is negotiable.