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Re: Import #'s /urQ

Hi Derek,

> (B)  Specifically, I am gradually leaning towards location & purchase
> of my life-long dream car...urQ.  Quick Kelley BBook & Edwards search
> shows only 83 & 84 urQ here in US.  Is this right?  

No. Audi imported 73 ur-quattros (US Spec) for the 1985 model year. 1985
was the final year for the ur-quattro in the USA officially...

> Because a
> neighbor had an immaculate light metallic green urQ at least from
> 88~91

If this is true, it's the only ur-quattro later than '85 here in the
USA (grey market or otherwise) that I've ever heard of. And I've had
my ear to the ground on this type of thing for a while.

> I always assumed this was a late 80's vehicle.  I thought urQ's
> were available until 88?

In Europe they stayed in production until 1991.

As far as your neighbor's ur-q goes, what do you remember about it?
Did you ever actually see it? Ride in it? Do you remember if it had
driving or fog lights in the front bumper? Did it have a digital
dashboard? Anything you can remember about it will help us nail down
what exactly your neighbor has/had.

I've seen grey market (built for markets other than the USA and
privately imported) cars as late as '89, and I've seen tons of 
grey-market BMWs and Mercedes, etc. But never any ur-quattros. I
find it odd that a car as popular as the ur-q in Europe wasn't 
grey-market imported by the hundreds to this country. I've heard
of maybe 2 or 3 grey-market ur-quattros, all of which are early 80s
(pre '85). Grey market BMWs are everywhere.