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Re: Import #'s /urQ -Reply

Hi Derek,

> Our conspiracy minds are thinking alike.   For the record, I can
> remember very little about this car other than exterior color,
> although I seem to recall the interior was NOT a shade of
> brown...maybe gray.

Probably grey. Some ur-quattros had grey seats and door panels. Not

> Yes, I did see this car everyday, it was a block away from home
> during high school.
> The thing that is most interesting though is color and condition.
> This vehicle was SHARP, meaning even if it was a not-so-special ;-)
> 83/84/85 it was kep in great shape.

Ur-quattros are pretty durable. It's not that hard to keep them 
looking good. People are amazed at my '85. They can't believe it's
that old.

> However, the color thing is bugging me.  Jeffrey Goggin's page has a
> list of exterior colors / interior options for the urQ's and because
> the d@#m auto manufacturers refuse to call something ......green, I
> have no way of telling what model color this car was (is?)

Did this car look like Jeff's, except for the color? The headlights
give it away too. If it had quad headlights like Jeff's car, then
it's a US-spec car. If it had the flush, twin reflector headlights,
then it could be a Euro (see http://www.win.net/~audvid/urq2.gif).

> The urQ was a very light metallic green color.  Kind of Aqua minus
> some color depth.  The only color that may match according to
> Goggin's fiche is Lhasa...which I have no idea what Lhasa looks like.
> This leads me to question the prod. year, etc... Any clues for color?

I couldn't find the list of colors on Jeff's page, but your description
is perfect - the color is called "Amazon Blue Metallic". I've seen an
ur-q in this color and it's just like you described. Kind of an aqua

> (On the verge of stalking an old neighbor ;-O)

Go for it. You've got me curious, and probably a few other people by
now as well.