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replacing ball joints on 90q20v

(Apologies to 20v people who receive this twice)

Since I just got my 20v recently, and haven't yet purchased the Bentleys
for it, I need some quick advice regarding ball joint replacement
for the 90q20v.

My 90 is at the shop right now, held hostage for an alignment, and they
say I need new ball joints. Can I replace these myself using regular
shop tools and the mechanic's pit in my garage? 'Twould save me $262
which I don't need on my credit card. The joints themselves are less
than $25 apiece.

I get the list through digest, so please email any replies so I can call the
dealer back asap.

Tim Atwood	Parametric Technology Corporation		DoD #1461
Burlington, MA	atwood@ptc.com					AMA #360999
1994 ZX-9R	1990 90Q20V