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 -=> Paul_royal@idx.com illuminates us with <=-

 Pa> Hi Folks....

 Pa> I happen to know the bar in Cambridge where a lot of the writers
 Pa> at BENTLEY hang out......
 Pa> How funny would it be to show up with a list of personal letters and
 Pa> requests some night ?   :-)

 Pa> Royal

     "Writers" at Bentley?? Maybe they write invoices, because from
     what I've seen, the Bentleys are a word/word, diagram/diagram
     copy of the Factory service manuals. Based on some of the
     glaring omissions and mistakes in some of the manuals, I'd
     say they partake of adult beverages at this place during
     lunch also. ;)



... Lean books are often larded with the fat of others' works
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