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1.8T super car

In message <Pine.SOL.3.91.970408163204.12631B-100000@apollo> "Graydon D. Stuckey" writes:

> > That's VERY true... can't even fit a K&N Filtercharger. So I'm
> > dying to see how that $4000 supercharger mod that Schaumburg talks
> > about can possibly fit, unless the plumbing goes back to the
> With enough money/time/willpower, anything can be made to work one way or 
> another.   You should see some of the prototypes we drive around in here 
> at GM.   Some of them would blow your mind when you saw what was in them.

For many years, I believe, Porsche did some of their engine testing in a VW 
bus. They apparently cut a hole in the floor and installed the engines under 
test in the middle, driving the rear axle.  A mad white-coated German would 
then drive the thing up and down the Autobahns, while other mad white-coated 
Germans would crawl around in the back like worker ants all over the screaming 

Whether this story is true or not, I _can_ record being passed by a VW bus 
with "BB - PW nnn" plates at around 130mph on the Autobahn north of 
Stuttgart one day in around 1982. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club