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Re: Import #'s /urQ -Reply

>Did this car look like Jeff's, except for the color? The headlights
>give it away too. If it had quad headlights like Jeff's car, then
>it's a US-spec car. If it had the flush, twin reflector headlights,
>then it could be a Euro (see http://www.win.net/~audvid/urq2.gif).
Wow, now that you bring this up,I saw an incredible ur-Quattro over the 
summer in Lake Tahoe.  It was at the Hyatt on the nevada side in the 
paking lot.  I noticed that it was black (or dark grey...), had tinted 
windows, the owner removed the front Audi Rings, had the whitish wheels, 
umm...and the headlights were flush.  There was something else that was 
odd about it that i cant quite put my finger on.  But i do remember now 
that the headlights were definitely flush as i was talking to my friend 
that it may be an 85 or later..hmm.....Does this car sound familiar to 

Mike Williams
85 Coupe GT