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Re: silicone spray and rubber?

Angela Dupin wrote:
> tonight I sprayed my lower control arm inner bushings that had minor
> surface cracks with silicone spray from NAPA.  one minute later the minor
> surface cracks had become massive failure with gapping tear.  what is
> going on?  I was following the advise of the list in trying to prolong
> rubber life.  Could one of the learned ones provide an explanation....please!
Mistake #1.....using anything oil based from NAPA....we lost a $3500
gearbox in the MR2 using their gearoil that had antifreeze sediment in
it.....they tried to tell me the engine had an anti-freeze leak to the
gearbox and prefaced that statement with HONEY!!!!!  Needless to
say.....they and we had a big go around resulting in many freebies at
the parts store for a while.....turns out there was another failure that
accompanied the problem so we didn't pursue too far.....but

There may have been something on the rubber that reacted to the
silicone....are you sure it was silicone and not brake clean or
something like that?