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super Q.

OK, thank all of you for your helpful suggestions on my future 
"project" car.  I now realize just how ignorant I am about prices.  The 
figure I proposed is a starter figure.  I am not Donald Trump by any 
means, nor do I plan to be in the future but I am 22, not married and 
have no kids, and I love quattro. 
	I have gotten differing opinions about the v6, some say there 
isn't room for a piece of insulation.  But they say with money, all 
things are possible.  The V6 sounds nice, but what are the problems 
associated with a 300 hp I-4?  Someone mentioned driveability.  What 
specifically?  So far the general consensus leans toward the V6.  I 
initially was bent on the I-4, but I am looking for a fast, fast car 
that I can drive every day.  Any further suggestions would be 
Aaron LaPointe
85 4ksq 300,000+mi