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RE: Dunlop D40M2's vs. Continental Sport Contact CZ91's

Contact Patch, the column in ec about tahrs, did a glowing review of the
CZ91s a while back, said they were OEM on Porch. I was contemplating
them, as well as Comp T/A ZR, and SP8000 for the CQ, but the D40M2s were
Wicked Cheap, and have generally gotten good reviews on this list
(except as snow tahrs, but we all know about *that* thread, now don't

The D40s have pretty stiff sidewalls, and the couple of times I've gone
thru puddles since I got them, they've left a track down to the road
thru the puddles. Plus, did I mention they're Wicked Cheap? How's US$97
(Discount Tire Direct, or Tire Rack) for 225/50-16 sound? Even more
adventurous, someone mentioned Squarelli P700 or P7000 or something for
Even Less Money. Not sure if I'd go with the Squarellis, I've not had
happy times with them in the past, but YMMV.
-Ian Duff.
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>Hi guys,
>Wondering if anyone has tried the Sport Contacts (model described on
>header)...they are on the rears of the 1992 S4, and look quite
>aggressive...they seem to have a very strong sidewall that is almost "squared
>off" and have double angled grooves from each actual tread groove heading out
>onto the sidewall, that I'm assuming are for displacing water...I'm also
>figuring that the tire would perform exceptionally well in turns - which is
>where I'd be pushing the limits of a tire (as we can't go too fast here in
>the States)
>Dorab (nivi@aol.com)