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QCUSA bylaws...

I was just cleaning some old files off my hard-drive and came across one
dated 4/8/96 in which I relayed the gist of my discussion with Susan
Anderson (nee Crehan) concerning the QCUSA bylaws and/or the fact that they
were in the process of being revised because they were (your choice)
outdated or didn't really exist.

Well, it's been a year ... has anyone heard anything further about this?  I
decided to play by the rules and give them some time to get their act
together -- Hey, I really AM out to improve the club and not kill it -- but
the silence from Minnesota on this issue over the past 12 months doesn't
strike me as very encouraging.

BTW, I know this is a highly politicized subject and it's not my intention
to "fan the flames" and get folks all fired up again unnecessarily ... I
just want to do my homework before picking up where I left off a year ago today.

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