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Re: Awdisaurus excreting dyno oils

In a note dated 4/8/97 you write:

<<long private emails between qshipq and yourself deleted to save BW>> <and>
<<more arguements that make no sense>> <and>

<<It seems to me V8 owners have left the list in droves because our cars are
not common and the list does not meet our needs always.  So I may be the next
to follow...>>

It is this last statement that was aired out to the list with which I take
offense. I’m sorry that us lowly owners or “other” models of quattro’s don’t
meet your needs, but your comment was of a very pompous and elitist nature so
I don’t think I would care to share information with someone like you even if
I did own a V8. This list is for anyone interested in Audi quattro’s (all
models I think?) to share information and comraderie about an interest we all
share. Many of the people I communicate with from this list are Coupe GT
owners, they don’t own quattros but that doesn’t make their input any less
valuable to me. In fact, even though the CGT is an FWD car it closer
resembles most older quattros (as opposed to a V8) in some mechanical aspects
so sharing information has been very beneficial to me. It is sad that just
because you own one of the least sold (in the US) models of quattro’s that
you feel that information on all other models “doesn’t meet your needs”. All
of the information I can learn from this list may meet mine someday if not
today. I don’t know how many V8 owners “left the list in droves” but since
the car didn’t sell “in droves” I can’t imagine there were as many as you

To the rest of the list; I apologize for the excess BW, but this one really
touched a nerve. I think Scott and Eric have (wisely) gone to lurk mode with
their little tiff and feel that Randall should follow their cue and not try
to continue to stir up that war. Rant mode off...

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (and a lower class list member since it is not a V8 ;-)  )