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fuel questions

In message <144356@sievers.com> Phil@sievers.com (Phil Payne) writes:

> > No idea what the membrane valve is. Valve N sounds like the O2 frequency valve.
> The membrane valve controls system pressure, in the absence of a control
> valve in the metering head.  In place of the metering head valve, there's
> a disc on a rod that seems to isolate the right-most port of the three
> from the other two.  I think fuel is free to flow between the middle
> and left port.

OK.  I blasted over to Sanburn (see the UK parts suppliers page) and wandered 
around with "Dave".  He takes three to four VAG fuel injection setups apart 
every day, and has never seen anything like my MB.  "Unless," says he, "it's 
the MB we took apart last year."

I got the control pressure regulator, which is apparently _unique_ to the MB, 
and the frequency valve in pretty fair condition for GBP45 ($72).

Now I can play ... 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club