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Re: AWD und FWD

In a note dated 4/8/97 you write:

<<First, define "superior".  It <AWD> adds weight and rolling resistance,
thereby slightly increasing fuel consumption.  Not superior in terms of fuel

I know this doesn't make much rational sense but...According to a chapter in
a book "Audi Quattro" about the development of quattro awd, it is stated (I
will get exact quotes if anyone desires) that Audi engineers were initialy
confused as to why the awd version of the test mule (an 80...aka 4000 I
think, maybe even a fox?) got better mileage than the fwd version. Upon
researching this, it was found that rolling resistance of driven wheels was
lower than that of un-driven wheels, enough that the mileage actualy
increased slightly, not decreased. Another rather strange quattro reality I
guess...less (fuel) for more (weight and mechanical drag)? Of course YMMV ;-)

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq