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Re: Cruise control surgings -Reply

The breaking part  went fine but imagine my surprise when I used the
lane change signal  to find the resume feature kick in, causing my
car to accelerate  suddenly.  Braking again grabbed control back from
the cruise but I  kept it on manual control the rest of the trip.

___ jwilliam@water.net
87 Coupe GT

This is interesting in that for awhile I was only able to activate
the CC when I either (a) pushed the button quickly and repeatibly or
(b) when I simultaneously pressed the engage button and moved the
turn signal lever up and down.  This has led me to believe that the
problem was one of electrical contact.  Have very briefly checked
vacuum stuff , but haven't ventured into the realm of speed sender,
How did your problem resolve itself?
86 VW Qtm Syn