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Re:ABT 1.8T super car

Feautured November, 1996 EC.   Name...ABT Audi AS4.  Basically, it was a
Super Touring car with working road lights.  Bored to 2 Liters, compression
dropped to 8.8:1 to allow 1.25 bar.  New intake, larger KKK turbo and
intercooler, bigger valves, gas-flowwed head, larger injectors, recalibrated
ECU.  Power?  310 hp at 6200 RPM.  Longer throw crank makes 295 lb ft of
torque.  Exhaust?  Cast iron manifold mated to free flow cats and
stailess-steel exhaust system with a 76mm diameter main pipe and 2 76mm end
pipes.  Rebuilt gear box to mate the engine.  Performance?  0-60 in 6.5 sec,
top speed measured at 172.5 mph with 18 inch wheels anf 175 with 17 " ers.
 Race suspension, 2 inches lower than stock.  320mm rotors, 4 pot calipers
Brembo make for stopping.  18-8 OZ wheels, ET35, with 325-40-ZR 18