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Re: Quattro drivetrain issue/question...

At 04:17 PM 4/9/97 -0400, you wrote:
>My 5KCSTQ had a noise coming from some portion of  the drivetrain......
>my mechanic has chosen the carrier bearing as the culprit....well a full
>blown driveshaft is mucho dollars from Blau and others.....I have a carrier
>bearing coming in from a part's guy...the question is can the mechanic put it
>in or is it spot welded or something like that.....I know some 4K Quattro
>owners have actually used a BMW bearing part number and had a driveline place
>do the labor......are we 5K owners that lucky ?
>I have a carrier bearing on the way.....but can my mechanic do the labor if
>they have done carrier bearing work on other vehicles or is the 5K Q
>driveline too specialized ?
>Anyfeedback is welcome...my heart is in my throat.....don't wanna buy entire
>90 90
>88 5KCSTQ
>Rob Carselle - Columbus, OH

My 87 5000tqw had a similar thing happen to it. We had to buy a driveshaft
(the mechanic called it a propshaft) from Shokan (800 All Audi, if you need
the number). The odd thing was that at the time (about 2 yrs ago), they
(Shokan) wanted the old shaft, but would not say whether it could be
rebuilt. They did say they were not rebuilding them at that time, but they
might start in the future. I got thoroughly confused. But perhaps Shokan is
rebuilding them now. 

I'd be curious to know how this goes for you. 

Ben Baldridge
Antenna Laboratory
Tracor Aerospace Electronic Systems, Inc.
86 Treser Super 5000
91 BMW 325iX
Benjamin M. Baldridge