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Re: Quattro drivetrain issue/question...

I have yet to check out the 5k driveshafts, but I can tell you that many
folks have rebuilt them.  I think the telling feature would be to crawl
under the car and look at the center of the prop shaft where the u-joint 
is and look to see if the front part of the u-joint yoke is bolted to 
the carrier assembly and front prop shaft or if it appears to be welded.
The urq was bolted together, as was the 4kQ ('84) that I have.  With the
BMW part number for the carrier bushing I think that it is possible to 
renew any prop shaft that can be disassembled.  I have my notes that I 
prepared from my urQ experience that I have updated as new info became 
available.  I think it may be available on the quattro-list archives
[look for "Driveshaft"] or I can forward copies from my archives to any-
one that asks ... perhaps if enough do I will simply post the procedure,
it isn't THAT long ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)