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Super A4

Where did you get the information that the 1.8T has more low-end torque than
the 2.8L?  I have a 2.8, and it has gobs of low-end torque, despite what
some test drivers here reported.  I very seldom go over 3Krpm in it, even
driving fairly aggressively, simply because there is no need to.

>From: "Grant Lenahan" <glenahan@notes.cc.bellcore.com>
>re: hopping up an A4 - 1.8 or otherwise.
>However, the 1.8t has better torque down low than the
>2.8l 12v, and, due to its turbo, can be hopped up by 50 hp
>or so easily (see, I think, TAP).  200hp in the A4 would
>be quite nice.

'97 A4Q 2.8L, std tranny, black/black leather