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Re: Fuel Inj Seals???

In a message dated 97-04-09 05:17:45 EDT, you write:

<< In my industry we use viton tubing and it is black. I suppose it is
 in different colors but I have only seen it in black. My guess for the color
 change would be to easily distinguish between varieties in the field?
 Vince (our esteemed parts manager type) could shed more light on this?

Viton seals... Hmmmm reminds me of some of my early 
days of automotive enthusiasm... 

Question: Why is there so much oil in Texas ?
Answer: 'Cause there used to be a Corvair parked in Houston.

Viton seals were the super-duper-deluxe way of replacing 
your pushrod tube seals whenever your Corvair blew off another
fan belt. When they lost a belt you had about 23 seconds to get
it shut down before you toasted the seals, if you didn't you 
could be sure your driveway would never squeak again.

I don't recall having seen a Service Bulletin on the "green seals"
to know what compound or the specific advantages of them
but the only way you can tell if they are green is if you have a 
black seal next to it. Sorry, but often unless something directly 
relates to my past life long ago as a tech ( grease monkey ) or
from conversations I've picked up...  I encounter "technical 
blackout". The stuff changes real fast and as those of you who
have micorfiche machines know, they just don't appear to want 
to give us too much "parts info". 

Vince Lyons