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RE: Loud tire noise ??

>I still have my Nokian NRW(H) snow tires on.  I'm not sure it is the
>cause of some loud road noise during city driving speed. Or I should say
>the noise is much more noticable during city driving, especially while
>coasting slowly.  It sure sounds like the snow tires, but I don't think
>they sounded as loud during the past several winter months.
>Do they sound louder after certain wear ?
>It sounds louder during decceleration than acceleration.  Is it a
>characteristic of snow tire noise ?

Bad wheel bearings sound just like loud tires. Is it louder on one 
side than the other?

Is it louder turning a corner one way than the other?

If so, sound like a wheel bearing.

'86 4000CS Quattro