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RE: Lights out

Similar thing happened to my old 1989 90 seedan. Took it to the
<grimace> dealer, who for the exorbitant sum of US$25 (no, Gumby, that
is not a mis-print, it is really twenty-five dollars) they found
corroded contacts on the BACK of the fuse panel, and even cleaned them!
All was better. The symptoms I had were all the instruments in the pod
didn't indicate anything, but the ones down by the ashtray did, plus all
the instrument lights, both in the pod and by the ashtray, worked fine.
Kind of strange, lighted instruments all on the zero pegs. No speedo, no
odo, no gas gauge, but I *did* have a gas can in the trunk for when I
ran out of gas, which with no way of telling how far I had gone nor how
much gas was in the tank, ended up happening about once a week. HTH.
-Ian Duff.
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>Hello Q-listers-
>I've a question for you electrically inclined gurus.  The lights in the CQ
>dash have all gone out at once.  Even the light in the Gm climate control is
>gone.  The symptoms are that all the lights go out when the parking and/or
>headlights are on.  This is odd because the daytime illumination of the trip
>computer is working until the lights are turned on.  I checked the fuse box
>but the fuse is OK.  Has this happened to anyone else?  Any ideas on the
>cause or cures are greatly appreciated.
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