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200q radio replacement

Hi folks,
   Pardon my bringing up this topic again on the list. I realize that many
people are sick about hearing of which unit is better, etc. However, I didn't
gleam enough info from the last round of discussion on the topic and want a bit
of clarification. It might be more appropriate to respond directly to me
instead of to the list to bring down the BW use.
    I need to replace the stock Delta head unit in my 89 200q. I had a
discussion with a lister about swapping my head-unit for a rebuilt one for a
reasonable fee. He even had a recommendation or two from the list. However, now
that I'm ready to do it.. he hasn't gotten back to me. His e-mail was/is
    The reason I wanted to just replace the head unit with another stock unit
was: (1) Cost. The rebuilt unit would have costed me very little in exchange.
     (2) Look: It matched the interior nicely.
     (3) in dash interface. Although I may not use it all the time, it's kinda
   Since an exchange is no longer an option, unless one of you can tell me
differently, I'm gonna splurge and replace it with an aftermarket unit. 
However, I'd rather not have to go through the trouble/cost of replacing
speakers, struggling with the dual antennae thing, or buying an aftermarket
Amp. It's not that I don't love music, it's that I can't afford to take the
first step. It's a slipperly slope ya know! :)
    So.. that leads to my major question: I need a head unit that matches up
nicely with the interior color/trim, and is a resepectable but affordable unit.
I'm thinking 'in dash CD player/Receiver, since my CD Collection has grown in
size over the years. I'm thinking Pioneer or Kenwood. I've had good luck with
both of these brands in the past. I flat out won't buy Sony or below. There
isn't a point in saving a few bucks now only to be miserable for the future. 
Crutchfield seems to have quite a few units in the $200-250 range. That's the
max for me. Major bonus if the unit has a input line to plug in a walkman.
Of course, if The lighting matches the dash.. another bonus.  
    Some of you out there are true Gurus on this subject. I want to hear about
it. I am heading to NYC tommorow, and might visit some of the better electronic
shops to price things. If I can get a BTDT response/consensus, I'll have the
unit by Friday night. I'll bring along the Crutchfield Catalog for comparison
of course. If you NYC folk have a recommended shop to visit in Manhattan, fill
me in. 
    As an afterthought, but still an important question, should I just buy from
Crutchfield? I've had good experiences, but I can save so much more buying in
NYC. The only drawback is that I won't be able to get a installation kit/trim
kit that will make the install look clean and professional. I think Crutchfield
may sell the kit alone, but there goes my savings! Are trim kits readily

Comments? Opinons?
Flames for wasting BW?

    Again, sorry to bring up the Radio topic again. Happy Thursday everyone.
                               -Osman Parvez
                                89 200q (157K miles)
                                Siena College
                                Albany NY