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DC Area Dealer Discount


Just dropped by a local Dealer to pick-up some fuel injector seals.
About $1.50 each and green.

Anyway, I spoke with them about discounts for q-list members.  They
seemed pretty receptive.  Offered me/us a 15% discount right off the
bat and said that if things get active then they will re-evaluate.
They will ship so mail-order is O.K. with them.  I did indicate that
list-members are price and service sensitive so they shouldn't expect
an increase in business with only 15% but if we phone 'em then they
can get a flavor for the potential and reconsider the paltry 15%.

Here are the particulars on the dealership:

Heishman's Porsche Audi 3100 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Arlington, VA 22202-4012
   Phone: (703)684-6660

We didn't draw up a formal agreement so some expalanation of who you
are and why you calling might be needed to jog their memory.  Hope
this helps at least one person out there.  If nothing more this approach
might work at your local dealership for discounts.

Ususal diclaimers apply here.

Mark Pollan, '86 5KCSTQ 218K Miles