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Re: Newbie question - S4/S6 synopsis (kinda

good summary--a couple small points...

At 08:00 AM 4/10/97 -0400, Haley, Doug wrote:
>John Legelis <jlegelis@fmrco.com> wrote:
>>Can someone tell me what S4/S6's are?  Here in Boston I see quite a few
>many were made).   In the late '80's ('89-90)  they offered the Audi 200
>series, with the turbo inline five-cyl MC 10-valve engine and K24 turbo 
>making some 168hp.   In 1991 this was upgraded to the 3B 20-valve
>engine with 217hp/227 ftlbs.  using the K26 turbo.  These 200's 
>were generally loaded cars with quattro.

the '91 200q was the only 200 fitted with the 3B 20v turbo engine.  it also
uses a member of the K24 turbo family

>I never owned one, but my impression was that they were generally (all?) 
>stick shifts.  IMHO they are

up to that point in time, all quattros were manuals, except for the V8

>in 1992 Audi iintroduced the new body style and called it the 100.  At the 
>same time, they introduced a successor to the 200 (but really the same car 
>as the 200 under the skiin) which they called the S4.  Not

the new body style introduced a *much* better ventilation system and a much
stiffer body structure, which allowed for retuning the suspension

>The new S-cars offered computer control of the wastegate and eked out an 
>additional few horsepower for short (15-second) bursts up to a claimed

the 3B 20v turbo also uses a computer controlled wastegate, though it does
not have the over-boost capability of the S4/S6 engine.  

>A lot of engine control stuff changed too.
>The S-cars have no distributor (coil on each cylinder), the intake plumbing
for >the turbo was rerouted (badly, but with metal pipe instead of rubber), 

for that reason, Ned says there is more potential from the '91 engine than
the later years.  Of course we're talking about way up there potential that
most of us won't use.

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