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RE: A4Q crosswind sensitivity (was wind noise)

John Legelis writes:

>Does anyone out there feel their A4(Q) is any more susceptible to
>crosswinds than other cars they've driven?  During stormy days I really
>need to concentrate to keep my car in the correct lane when driving on
>the highway.  Perhaps I just need to have the alignment checked, or
>maybe with those 205/55 I'm noticing a bit of 'tramlining', aka camber
>steer.  Anyone else feel the same way?

I have noticed that in certain high croswind conditions, my A4 doesn't
so much 'tramline' but it does feel a bit 'squirrely' (sp?).  After seeing
certain posts on tires, I'm wondering if it is due to the RS-A's on my
car.  I recently bought a set of D40 A2s (225/50/16) from Tire Rack 
($83 per).  So when I get the time to swap 'em I should be able to tell
(if they don't tramline too much of course!)

Anyway for those of you asking "why didn't you get the D40 M2s as 
they are only $14 more per tire?"  - the answer is that I wanted an 
all-year tire.  Here in Maryland we don't get enough snow to warrant
a snow-tire swap, but we get enough not to want an all-out performance
tire in the winter.  I wanted a better tire than the RS-A, but still try to
balance all-year performance.  Comments?

-Mark Quinn