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Turbo GT Coupe, history

Martin, regarding your clutch question, I have no direct information but some
history may be illuminating.

In early 1982 I spent a day in Jacksonville waiting for my wife who was
attending a class.  What better way to kill time than to visit Brumos
Porsche/Audi and ogle the hardware.  While looking at a gold GT Coupe on the
showroom floor I struck up a conversation with a salesman.  He said that if the
Coup wasn't powerful enough they also offered it with their own turbo engine
swap.  They swapped the engine, drivetrain and all, from a 5000 Turbo into the
GT Coupe of your choice.   Because it was all factory stuff the warranty was
still good and any dealer could work on it, I was told.  I'm trying to recall
the cost.  Don't hold me to this but I think the Coupe was about $12k and the
turbo conversation/ exchange was about $5k additional.  The gold Coupe I was
looking at had a leather interior, diagonal pleats going opposite directions on
the front seats, that I was told came from a Quattro Coupe and was another one
of the options that Bromos offered for the GT Coupe.

When I commented that was a lot of money the salesman attempted to put it into
perspective.  He pointed out that you were buying "Quattro performance", and
interior, for a price that was so much cheaper than the Quattro that for the
difference one could also purchase a new Porsche 944!  The general feeling there
was that although the Quattro Coupe was an extraordinary car... (factory rally
driver took them for demo rides and left all with that 'brown-in-the-pants'
feeling)... they could not imagine paying the $43k, I think,  they were asking
for it!

Anyone know if any of these Brumos Turbo Coupes made it to the streets?  They
seemed to feel the swap was an easy-no-sweat operation.

Regards,  Gross Scruggs