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RE: Hey, where's my boost? Found it.

Wastegate frequency valve!

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From:	Robert Winchell [SMTP:rbw@avs.com]
Sent:	Monday, April 07, 1997 10:00 AM
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Subject:	Hey, where's my boost?

All -

Had my 91 200TQ in the shop on Friday for it's 90k service. They replaced 
the plugs, filters, flushed the brakes, etc. Nothing major.

When I get it back, my turbo boost is maxing out at 1.4! It was 1.7 the 
previous day. Now, I would say loose hose or connector someplace, but I 
looked, and the mechanic looked this morning, but nothing is obvious. He 
said he would take it back and check it out, but I'd like to avoid being 
without the car for another day. Suggestions here would be useful.

Rob Winchell
91 200TQ (sick)
87 4kCS(non-q)