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Re: to Doug Haley, nomenclature wiz.....

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997 david.becker@lw.com wrote:

>      ....and anyone else who might know the answer:  did the S2 ever make 
>      it to the U.S.?  I've been an Audi-watcher for a long time, and I 

Nope, sucks huh....

>      80/90-based coupes.  And since I'm on the subject, how exactly does 
>      the RS2 differ from the S2?

The S2 was originally a Coupe Q with a 20v turbo motor in it.  Also had a
different front end(one piece hood/grille).  The later S2's are based on
the 4-door 90Q.  The RS2 is a 90Q Avant (wagon) whichwas tweeked by
Porsche (computer/turbo/brakes/wheels/suspension). Again, none of them in
the good ol' US of A....

Brendan Rudack

Fenton, Michigan 

'88 90Q "my racecar"
coil-overs, G60s, 63mm exhaust, 
modified bumper....