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Re: recall issues

> could these recalls also apply to my 1986 5kcst? Do you know of any others?
> My car has 104k miles. Thanks
Any Audi dealer can tell if recalls have been implemented on your car.  You
don't have to be the original owner, you don't even have to have any work 
done at that dealer.  Why try to figure it out indirectly? ... Go to the 

Another thing you can get at a dealer is a form that you can mail in to
apprise Audi that you own a particular vehicle and where Audi can contact 
you if a new recall on your model occurs.  There is another form you can 
fill out to get recall information for your make and model car ... neither
of these forms even cost anything for postage!

Dealers are useful for SOME things ... :)

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)