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200TQ Fuel Distributor O-Ring available?

Hello gang,

Has anyone run across a source for the O-ring that goes under the
fuel distributor plunger on the later 89 200TQ? I believe it is also
used on the later CIS-E  systems used in the non-Turbo 5000/100's .
Does anyone make a "rebuild kit" for these fuel distributors?

I believe this O-ring was installed to help keep fuel from dripping
into the air cleaner box after the engine is shut off.  I remember
reading some mention of a problem in the 86-? 5000
cars where this leaking fuel caused some fires. 
 My previous 86 5000T and my latest 89 200TQ have
a nasty habit of getting fuel residue down in this air cleaner
box. I was hoping a new O-ring would lessen this occurance.
Maybe the fuel distributor plunger is just plain worn out.

Any thoughts? Has anyone taken their fuel distributor apart

Scott M.
89 200TQ