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Re: AWD+

Wayell Hayell, Man!

Them Audis, they awready gotta extra cylinder fur thet thar fifth wheel.
Whut's mo, Ah gots me a naybur whut's got hissef a fifth wheel in his
peekup.  In fack, Ah thinks hims gotta fifth'r tew unner the seat, tew.
Tain't nuthin' noo unner thuh sun, son.  

Yew gotta dew gooder'n thet, Brer Al.

At 06:54 PM 4/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>The Real Bob Myers said: 
>> Forgive me, but doesn't quattro mean *ALL* wheel drive?  Perhaps Audi's new
>> two wheel drive will be rear wheel drive?
>Hell, I want REAL AWD!!  Get that spare working, too!!  Audi oughta 
>be offering at least FIVE drive wheels!!!
>Shoot, with another axle and tire mounted in the middle of the trunk,
>they could have a feature NO one else has!!  N' they kin power it 
>from the leftover cylinder in that 5-cylinder V-6!
>Shoot fa'rr!!!

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