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Re: Blow off plumbing (a tad long...)

stopped by NAPA today looking for fittings....not too successful.  could 
you provide the part number please of the one you bought?



> Trial fitted the new Samco hose today (replacement provided in one day -
> free w/instructions to send back old one). Even with the blowoff port moved
> inward, it is still a very careful trimming job due to the down angle of the
> throttle body.  The hose is stiff and the right size, but trimming at an
> angle is needed to get it to lay right. Then its right on the verge of too
> large an opening. Also easier to trim a spot for the air temp sensor at the
> other end - hose fits better on that end, with a bit more sealing room.
> Decided to point the blowoff hose down about 45 degrees in front of the
> intercooler - that way with the 90 degree blowoff I can come back over the
> TB hose and into the inlet pipe at a nice down angle w/no chance of hose
> kinking..
> Took my spare inlet pipe (Ah - gotta love those junkyards!), drilled and
> filed. Installed a Balkamp 3" long, one inch OD threaded water hose fitting
> right about next to where the WOT switch connector is along the pipe. Bent
> upward to a nice "directed at the turbo" angle after threading. Fitting came
> from NAPA, part # avail if you wish . Decided to forego brazing the joint,
> as I wanted to try a new high temp (250 degree) epoxy with Kevlar fibers.
> Sitting curing as we speak...  All we need now is 14" or so of 1" ID hose, a
> couple hose clamps, and a 'tee' fitting with vacuum hose for the control.
> Should have it done for the weekend. The second Audi parts 'where the bucks
> come from' job calls me on Thursday and Saturday... Then we can test run the
> 2 modified chips I've been sent to play with.  Heh, heh...
> Even bought a new air filter (6.99) and fuel filter (23.99 - YIKES!) to
> ensure max flow! I may even drop kick the tri-electrodes and try the
> singles. Still getting an intermittent spark knock at high 1.6+ levels...
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