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In-Car Satellite Navigation

My rental car for this week, an Olds Delta 88, from AVIS, has the AVIS
NeverLost satellite navigation system in it (a Rockwell unit, I think).

I don't know how many of my fellow list members have tried one of these
navigation systems, but they are VERY impressive.

When I first started out, it told me to take the next exit, exit 35 or
something, to the right.  Well, the off ramp wasn't very long, but the
navigation system even knew how long the off ramp was, 0.3 miles to be
exact.  The system lets you know exactly when you are actually on the
desired route.

The map display, showing your car on the actual road, was very detailed,
showing the interchange patterns, overpasses, etc.

If (required Audi content!!!) Audi offers a satellite navigation system
on the '98 A6 like they do in Europe, I will buy it.  These things are

If you travel very much at all, this is a must have system.

Rusty A. Schlacke
Cedar Rapids, IA
'95 A6 quattro (5 speed)