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Re:Seat Memory switch

Actually, there are peices missing within the switch itself, there would
be no easy way to fix this switch. The general concensus is that nobody   
has ever had a malfunction in the system that required it to be shut 
off, so I'm probably going to leave it the way it is now. Most people 
don't usually shut off the system after they use it. BTW, WD40 is not
very good at cleaning electrical contacts and it leaves a greasy film, I
wouldn't use it for contact cleaning unless I absolutely had to. Proper
contact cleaner does a much better job.

On Thu, 10 Apr 1997, Leah Mueller wrote:

> Fix it right, clean it with WD 40 first to see if it will ressurect.  My
> wife got caught in a potentially dangerous situation by leaving the switch
> on and then hitting one of the buttons by accident.  The seat memory had
> gone to default settings which meant the seat kept moving away from the
> wheel. She could not reach the clutch or brake. Make sure is either off or
> fixed.