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Re: UrQ electrical gremlins -Reply

"The ground short on the left headlight causing a hot fuse for
the right 
one is also a non-sequitor to me.  I don't recall what you did
to your 
headlights, but if you have increased the power above the
stock level of 
55W on low beam and have not upgraded the wiring & fuse
this could be the 
source of your problem.  You may simply be exceeding the
rating of the 
circuit.  The problem may also be a high resistance
connection at the fuse
box that is causing the heating.  I'd recommend that you go
through each 
symptom individually and resolve them ... starting with the
tail light 
turn signal. "
No, no, I didn't upgrade the wattage yet on the headlights,
just went to the euro/aero's. No, the headlight issue I tracked
to be a short in the fuse box. The lower fuse terminal (where
the fuse plugs in) for the left highbeams is connected to
ground with the headlight wires all removed. The same wire
as it enters the fusebox (i.e. at the mass connector at the
rear of the fuse box) is not grounded. The terminal on the
connecter to the fusebox is all browned and slightly melted. I
know I need to relace the fusebox for that problem, unless
one can work on connections within the actual fuse block
itself? The turn signal problem may or may not be related. It
could be a bad ground as you said. Just wondered if anyone
had any thoughts on the cause of the weak blinker and if
they are related issues, I suspect not.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.