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Steamboat Quattro Club Event - Video

Thanks for the copy of the Steamboat Video.  Great Job!  Your music video at
the beginning up Rabbit Ears Pass I replayed several times, smiling at the
karokee and watching those ice patches with you!  

I'm bummed missing out on giving you a ride in the pearl machine, but by the
looks of things, you got a ride in quite a few others.  The footage of Mad
Max, Mr. Semple, whacking at the bottom of 8 was a classic.  All in all,
great work, loved the music choices, and will recommend this to any and all
who want to know what this is about.  My tape is already on loan.  

For those of you that missed Steamboat, this video sums up the excitement,
the narration is first rate, and the music videos make the more mundane
action fun, excellent on the home theatre.  Looking forward to next year.  A
toast, Mr. Tucker for a job well done.

I have no interest in the marketing or sale of this video, I don't know if
Chris is even selling them.  Please contact Chris Tucker at tuc@hcp.net for

This is one that belongs with the rest of your audi videos, for sure.  

Scott Justusson
Steamboat attendee 1997