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Re: 5-speed A4 1.8TQ

On Apr 11,  9:35am, gwf@joker.ho.lucent.com wrote:
> Subject: 5-speed A4 1.8TQ
> After 4+ months of waiting, my wife's 5-speed A4 1.8TQ came in


> * I am only 5'11, and yet I can't adjust the steering wheel high
> enough for me to see all the gauges clearly.  German engineering?

Sorry if I'm stating the obvious, BUT... have you lowered the seat?
And can pulling the wheel towards or away from you (probably
away) make it better? I too am 5'11" plus a bit, and have no problem
seeing the gauges.

> * The head-rest seems to sit kind of far back...

Yes, you need to tilt it forward.

> * My wife complains about vibration through the gas-peddle.

I don't have any, but I've got the V6, so YMMV.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q