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Fuel Distributor '82 2.2i

Hi all,

Yesterday, my A100 broke down.  Doing 80Mph in the fast lane too.  Seems
like the fuel distributor got stuck open, so when I changed into 5/E the
engine power cut.

I phoned the dealer for a price for a new one, I was quoted 613 ukp plus
VAT@17.5%.  I asked if that included the rest of the car!

Despite my reluctance to buy second hand parts, after a set of injectors
lasted about two weeks, I got hold of a complete airbox/flow-meter/fuel
distributor unit and fitted it.  The engine now runs, but I only seem to get
reasonable power between 3000 and 5000 rpm.  The old unit only gave good
power between 1500 to 3500 rpm.  Is this just adjustment, or should I just
carry on driving at higher revs?

I noticed that the Airflow plate had alot of carbon build up around the
mouth, so I cleaned this with a solvent, and the plate will now move freely
into the gap.  I also notices light resistance when pulling the plate up, as
if it was flowing through oil.  It also takes a while to settle.  I take it
that this is the fuel distributor plunger taking time to return to its new
position.  Basically, is this normal, or is this distributor almost
knackered too?  I remember Phil previously mentioning that the plate should
move freely.

It also gives me great cold start problems, engine will pop or cut out under
acceleration, until it is left a good while idling.  It takes about 5miles
further driving before resonable acceleration is regained.

I was planning to fit a second hand cold start valve today, and then get it
tested and krypton tuned.  Any ideas?

82 Audi 100 5E 2144cc inj (143k injection almost fixed and went wrong again)
84 Mitsubishi Galant Turbo (96k and rusty will be getting some TLC over summer)
80 Rover 2600S SDI(46k yes, 46k and on head #5 or will be soon)
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