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Torque curves (was Super A4)

Excuse me if the introduction of real data spoils an otherwise entertaining
discussion.  Using my carefully calibrated eyeball, I have pulled the
following values from the factory torque and horsepower charts for the Audi
1.8L 5-valve turbo and the 2.8L 2-valve V6.  There may be a tiny bit of
reading error in some of the figures (darn bifocals), but the values for peak
torque are definitely spot-on as they represent the published figures.

RPM          1.8 5-V          2.8 2-V
1,000             95                135
1,750           155                155
2,000           155                160
3,000           155                184
4,000           155                180
4,600           155                173
5,000           150                170
6,000           125                140

The torque curves appear to be coincident at around 1,750 rpm, at which point
the 1.8 5-V peaks and holds steady until 4,600.  However, the 2.8 V6 develops
more torque at every point before and after 1,750.  By the way, if you think
of torque as the total area under the curve, you have a better representation
of the meaning of the values.  So, take the data and draw your on curves (and