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Re: VR5

Jon W. writes:
> > In "Golf" magazine,(UK Based) it was reported that VW was
> > "experimenting"
> > with a VR5 engine.  Basically a VR6 minus 1 cylinder.  VW was hoping 
> > the configuration would give "extra space" for other under hood
> > components, and allow engineers to place the engine in smaller
> > variants(Polo?, Seat?)
> They discussed that engine as being a possibility for the new Passat 
> when it makes it to North America.

The VR5 is not just experimental any more.  The April 1997
issue of "Complete Car" magazine (from the UK) states that
the VR5 will be available on the 4th-generation Golf/Vento models,
which are being rolled out in Europe.  There is even a cutaway
photo of a VR5 engine on page 18.  The exhaust manifold configuration
on this particular engine is clearly routed for logitudinal
mounting, which supports its use in the new Passat.

There were also rumours that the VR5 will find its way into
the Audi A3 (which is also a Golf-IV base)...


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