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Re: S4 (20V Turbo) Performance Exhaust

>3.  Fabricate one - I went to a local speed/ muffler shop - they priced out
>full stainless 3" system at around $800 installed ($700 if  allumunized
>is used) - it consists of  cutting the downpipe as high as possible after
>wastegate inlet/oxy sensor and welding on a 3" stainless pipe which would
>through a 3" in/out performance flow cat - more 3" pipe - and then through a
>3" in/out Flowmaster Rear Muffler (they said they can use certain resonator
>rear muffler tips and /or a center resonator to modify sound if its too
> So this option is certainly less $$ but involves some cutting and pasting
>and not much certainty re: sound or flow.  I've talked to two other people
>who have tried and liked this (one used a Borla rear muffler and the other a
>B&B)- both liked the performance but claimed it was much louder than the
>Scorpion setup - which they both said was quiet in comparison.

That system especially with the flowmaster will NOT be quiet....  Been 
there got it getting rid of that.....  It will flow tons though....  


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO