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Bent Valve on 90 200

	Mike sez the Audi dealer wants >>>$3,000.00<<< to replace a valve 
and exhaust manifold.

	First Mike, I would not pay anywhere near that kind of money, for 
anything Audi guy says you need.  What you are talking about, in the most 
basic sense, is a very minor job of pulling the head [takes time, not 
talent] and replacing a single valve, right?  

	Second, Audi made a damned poor exhaust manifold [IMHO] which 
should have been replaced by a recall.  The service guy says "almost 
always cracked".  Hmmmmm.  Ask him whether Audi ever issued a service 
bulletin on the exhaust manifold.  Many replacements were to be done by 
Audi--at Audi's cost--providing of course that you knew the double secret 
handshake----just another BS way of doing business, that Audi has 
developed into an art form.

	Call imparts in St. Louis and get prices on headgasket, etc.  
Then find a good shop to take the head to.