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Re: interesting story...now Audi V8 content

 Elliott Potter <epotter@abraxis.com>
 Subject: interesting story...no Audi content
 >> The
 >>automatic tranny locked up in OD after he nailed it, doing the ol' power
 >>downshift that automatics can do.  This left him quite overgeared and
 >>useless from a full stop.
     V8's will do this!  It's called "limp home mode".
 >>  The Beamer
 >>system is designed to sense driving habits and adjust shifting patterns
 >>accordingly, storing the 'changes' in firmware.
     V8's do this!
 >Well, OK, just a little Audi content:
 >Glad my 90CS doesn't try to guess my moods;)
     I wish my V8 didn't either.  When it came out of the shop with a new 
     starter recently, the battery had been disconnected for a few hours.  
     It was ready to rock and roll!  (Figuratively speaking.  The Bose unit 
     was in secure mode.)  As Ned Ritchie once told me... you need to 
     disconnect it once in a while so that when it wakes up it doesn't know 
     anything.  All it knows is that it's a car, and a really fast car.
     BTW, it turns out the previous owner wrote the Bose security code onto 
     the top of the head-unit itself, so once I removed it to find the 
     serial number and get the code from the dealer, I found myself already 
     done and with tunes back in no time.  I guess as long as the thief 
     *thinks* it has an unknown security code, he won't take it.  (I bet 
     most thieves don't know or care.  I once saw a unit in a junk-yard, 
     and they didn't know the code or know that it was useless without it.)
     Jack Rich
     90 V8Q
     88 Corvette convertible
     84 4kq