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RS2 Impressions

ok, so i've been test driving a black 1995 rs2 for the last couple of days and
thought i'd post my impressions so far...

1) handling leaves my s2 looking rather stodgy and boring.  where the s2 will
plough on with understeer, the rs2 will provide much more information through
the wheel and give you lift off oversteer, particularly in the wet.  which is
almost what i did myself the first time it happened to me around a roundabout. 
hugely entertaining chassis.  much better than the s2, much more like the 20v
ur-q in feedback and balance.  probably better than the 20v i'd say.  thisis a
car you can balance on the throttle !

2) this car is quick.  had an entertaining joust with a 928 who had no greater
legs than the rs2.  a little soggy down low but the 6 speed box gives better
gearing than the s2 so you don't often find yourself in the wrong gear.

3) the 6 speed box is a definite improvement on the s2 transmission (and the
ur-q as well).  much quicker action, more metallic and a closer gate. very
strong spring detent between 3-4th which are your most used gears.  i miss the
synchro on reverse though.  clutch is heavier than the s2 and provides a little
less feel.

4) seats (black leather recaros) are superb.  much better than either the s2 or
(worse) the ur-q.

5) build quality excellent as you'd expect.

6) air-con quieter than the s2, better cooling.

7) calibrated in miles which is a real pain.

8) steering feel much improved over the s2, almost up there with the ur-q.

9) finally an audi with real brakes.  very large porsche ones.  excellent
stoppers, although abs seems pretty quick.  no abs off switch again.

10) 245/45 17" dunlop sp8000's offer low noise, excellent dry adhesion but seem
to suffer a little in the wet in comparison to the s2's yoko avs's.

this is a really tremendous car.  i am guilty of severely misjudging it. 
porsche have quietened the 4,500 rpm tremor of the 20v's and improved the
cooling (again).  the balance of performance, brakes, and roadholding is

point to point over a twisty b road (i did several last night), this car would
shade my 20v quite decisively (brakes and punch out of the corners mainly), and
makes the s2 look very flabby indeed.  all in a car which does not sacrifice
driveability or liveability as the ur-q tends to.

i'm sold.

'93 s2
'90 ur-q
'95 rs2 briefly